100% Inked for sale November 11, 2014

100% Inked release date

I am happy to announce the release date of my digital ebook '100% Inked' is:

November 11, 2014



                                Save the date!

I have had a very warm reception to the announcing of this book and a lot of my friends, family and fans are excited with the previews I've been putting out on this website. All I can say is that if you like those little samples, I think you will love the book (either version). I spent about 4 hours minimum to 14 hours on each picture from start to finish. I think when you view the images you will be able to see, through the concepts and detail the effort I put into it. I'm also deep into laying out the book by the time you're reading this blog post and I am putting a lot of effort into its visual design.

Last week I finished coloring all of the main illustrations that will go into the deluxe version of '100% Inked'. I'm very happy at the quality that I have achieved and I put as much polish as possible in the work. Now that the major illustrations are done, the next move is to start finalizing and polishing the design of the book. This will include smaller, secondary illustrations that will help establish the tone of the book further, fixing any errors in the preface and about me sections, creating the final cover illustration and so on. A small while after I decided to make the book, I decided it wouldn't be enough to just compile a bunch of images together and do a quick pdf export. I felt if I was going to put so much effort into the art itself, I had to put an equal amount of effort into every aspect of the book- to create that cohesive experience I talked about in a prior post.

There are some other smaller things I'm working on related to this project and the website, but they have to stew in the oven for bit before I can announce them. That's more or less it for this blog, short and sweet!

Have a great day guys.