Preflight jitters

The Rundown

Hello! This will be a short post more or less. So "100% Inked: Illustrations of esoteric entities" will be launching next Tuesday. The store will be open on November 11 at 12am. This is my first real product and I'm super nervous. I've tempered my expectations and I have a sales goal for the book, but you know this is the first piece of work of its kind coming from yours truly. There really is no way to know how well it will do. The only truth is that I worked on it super hard for about 5 months.

Past experiences

The launch of this book reminds me of the launch of my thesis film "We Fix It: Beacon" back in college.


         My thesis film We Fix It: Beacon, was a group project that barely made the deadline

There are similar parallels, namely my uncertainty about the reception and both were the biggest projects I worked on until that time. Surprisingly, 100% inked was a larger project that that 6 minute film. "We Fix It: Beacon" was made in an absurd amount of time. It's a long story- I might make a blog about my experience working on that film, but in short we started that film in January 2012 and finished it in April 2012, about 12 hours before the deadline. The creation of that film was the definition of "run and gun" where my team and I used some software that we didn't really know how to use, write a script, design characters and whatever else in a super short time span. The bonus was overcoming problems during development that almost killed the project, like malfunctioning puppets, hard drive crashes and so on. It was one of the most intense experiences I've ever had and it's probably the one thing I'll always remember about college. Basically anything bad that could have happened, usually did and I'm pretty sure it took a good 5 years of my life away.

To contrast that experience to the creation and completion of 100% inked is like night and day. The creation of the book was the smoothest project I have ever worked on. Not to say there weren't bumps, there were and I'll get into that, but I never experienced a big problem making this book like I did making "We Fix It: Beacon"- I guess that shows how far I've come. Anyway when making 100% inked, the biggest hurdle was actually applying knowledge I've accumulated on making an actual BOOK. I learned Adobe Indesign specifically for this purpose. As I was illustrating, I would actually look up tutorials on how to do book formatting, character styles and so on. It was some pretty heavy multitasking but I think my ability to schedule out work time with learning time came really handy. I was also a little concerned because the amount of detail I put into the artwork scaled out of control to what I planned originally. Essentially, I added a massive amount of detail in the inked drawings and if you look at the rough sketches of the art and the final images, I think one would find the contrast pretty stark.

I definitely learned a lot about planning and working in phases with this project. I got a flood of ideas about new illustrations as I was finishing the book. There was a moment when I was going to postpone the book so I could illustrate those new ideas, but I think if that were to happen, I would have never gotten the book finished. That's something I've learned to take into account in the future.

Pre-flight Jitters


So here we are a little over a week away from launch and I'm still nervous. I've been relaxing a lot more now than when the book was in production mode, but that doesn't scare the butterflies away. There is so much I can talk about when it comes to this project, but I think for now I need to just enjoy my life for a little bit. I think I deserve to rest a little bit before I fully commit to any larger projects (though a rolling stone gets no algae...). When it comes to the success of 100% Inked, I just hope that my plan for it is sufficient and that the people who do purchase it are happy and enjoy it.

See you soon!