December Miniblog

Art tease

Hey everybody, just a small update this week!

This past week I began work on my new projects (I'll announce them in the next blog). I'm really excited about what I'm working on, and I think that when all is said and done, I'll have an incredibly strong and varied supply of content. It's a little daunting after being so timid with my online presence this year, but I'm going into 2015 like a bat out of hell. There's a lot of planning involved that I have to do for all of this to work, but I'm using the extra time I have now to put together clear goals so I can bring everything in my mind to reality. Next year was already destined to be crazy but now I get to exercise the information I've accumulated so that I don't go veering off into crazy town like I did this year.

What I also might start doing, depending on if I have the time or not- is to have little project updates in these blogs as well, to make them a bit more fun. I would love to post some of my production sketches into these blogs because I think the early part of the creative process is so much fun and informative, but we'll see if that will materialize.

As far as art stuff, that's it for now! Peace out!


  • Reading- One Piece (Amazon)
  • Watching- Penny Dreadful (Amazon, iTunes)
  • Listening to- Wonderful Christmas Time- Kelly Rowland (Amazon, iTunes)
  • Playing- Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Amazon)
  • Recent purchases- iphone 6+ (Screw you tmobile)(Amazon)