2 year anniversary!


Welcome back everyone! First some quick updates. First at bat: the how to be successful web-series. If you haven't watched it, please do! It's now available to watch on this website, YouTube and Vimeo! More availability for all. Please share the web-series with your friends. Every share, like or subscription counts. 

Next, my short film 'Quiet'. It's been quite a busy season for my little short. A couple of weeks ago it played at the SVA Alumni After School special. It was opening for the Pixar film 'Monsters University'. The viewing had the best reception of the film yet. I was really taken back honestly. Every time the film had played I've heard a few giggles here and there, but the crowd was really enjoying the film. I even had a few people come up to me afterward to commend me. It's reactions like this that really push me to do my best when making a film. 

This makes 3 film festivals my short film has played at. I'm hoping more festivals can pick up the film as the year goes on. 

A long journey

It's been about 2 years since I've been putting out a stream of artwork. On October 16, it will be my...  art anniversary. It started with me making a Facebook page and committing time to put my thoughts onto paper. Since that point it has been a roller coaster ride. I've created a ton of art and comics. I've put out loops, a short film, and a web series. I also had the pleasure to participate in film festivals- where people who've never seen my work were able to see it for the first time. I have also partnered with the biggest name in animation on YouTube: Channel Frederator. 

It hasn't been all roses though. I've had to fight a lot of my demons to get to this point. Issues of self confidence with my art and abilities as an artist are something I've always struggled and it's only been this past year where I've felt like I'm finally developing my own voice. I've learned a ton these past 2 years and I don't plan on stopping. Art is something I've always had the privilege of doing and I'm finally starting to feel that I have a real grasp on what I'm doing. 

I know in recent times I've decided to slim down on the type and amount of content I'm offering, but it's for the best at this time. With that said, I do have a ton of animated content planned over the next year. I also have plans for other types of content that I'll be talking more about as time goes on.

Some reflection

Since I've started doing this art thing a couple of years ago, I've gone through a lot of growing pains. I could probably right a book of all the mental turmoil, angst and sadness I've brought upon my self, but I'll wait until I'm fifty to do that to cash out for retirement. Joking aside, it really has been a crazy ride and I'm just starting to really get my momentum going. The experiences I've accumulated through the past couple of years will begin to slow drip in. In some cases, that experience has already showed itself: I've had a culling of content so that I can focus on animation, being a very specific example.

This is one of those things where I was so invested in doing things my way, that I didn't realize if I was doing things the right way or not, and I had a lot of stress over the kind of growth I wanted (or needed) to be in a position where I could make money from my art. Time has shown me that the route I chose to go was not working for me at all, and it got to the point where I had to decide on not putting out fully colored illustrations multiple times a week. By changing my methods here, I've opened a huge door to let me take on more animated work, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time now.

Just to reiterate, even though my focus is on animation, I'm not going to stop putting out other types of content. On the contrary, I've become more excited about the types of content I can release because I feel no pressure to keep a schedule for releasing illustrations. This mental freedom has allowed me to recompose myself and to work on little projects I fancy because it'll help me grow as an artist. I believe doing things this way will be better for me personally and my brand, because people will see the passion in these ideas and not some attempt to follow an already beaten path for popularity.

Thank you

Most importantly, I want to express gratitude to the individuals: my friends and family, who've cheered me on. I would not have lasted as long as I have without the support from all of the people who believe in me. This anniversary isn't just about me, it's about the relationship I've begun to build with my supporters. I will always be grateful to those who believe in and support me. I know I don't express this often enough, and that's something I hope to remedy soon, but know that a day doesn't go by without me thinking about the people who take time out of their day to show that they care about me. 

Thank you for everything!