A Little Bit Of This..


Welcome back, my peanut butter cups. Yes, that will be my name for fans, because I hold both peanut butter and chocolate very closely to my heart.  Moving on, this will be a short blog because I am in the midst of working on a few projects. First up is How to Be Successful. There will be a new episode next week, premiering first on my website and then on Youtube. Business as usual. Also, please continue to share the shorts with your friends and family, I can't say it enough, but every bit helps. The more people are aware of my work and want to see it, the more I can dedicate my time to make better and better content.

You can watch the 'How to Be Successful' Webseries, here on my website or here on my youtube.

Animation updates

Now a status update on some of my other work. As the year ends, I have started planning for my content loadout for next year. I have a good family of content planned that I am very excited about. I also plan to push this content with ancillary content like loops, and other small animations. My big goal for youtube is to push my original content and there is a lot of it! As a bit of a teaser, I can say that the production and packaging for the first mini has wrapped up and it will drop early next year.

I am also working on some other projects I can't really talk about in detail right now. One is a pretty big project that will allow me to bring on a team project. I can't say any more than that, but I am excited to work with a team again. The last time I worked with people was during the Stellar Universe phase and I had a lot of good experiences with it. It is my hope that this project will bring . Another project I am working on will also revisit my history with digital puppets, like you can find here:


It's been a long time since I have worked with puppets and I'm very giddy about getting back into it. I've always enjoyed building and animating digital puppets. It takes a completely different skill set to do so, and with all of the improvements being made with after effects puppeting tools like duik, it's the perfect time to jump back in.

Final thoughts

Lastly, some interesting news. The Q&A from my time during the SVA alumni film festival is up! You can watch it:


My segment is short, but the whole Q&A (which includes Pixar artists) are a good watch with a lot of insight.

I also want to take some time to say that going into the new year, the blogs are probably going to be a bit on the lean side because of all the content I'm working on. These updates will definitely still happen, but they'll be shorter. I'm hoping I can go back to writing normal after the projects wind down, but the reality is that I won't really know for sure until I start writing. I'll do everything in my power to keep the quality up, but I ask that you guys understand that I have a lot to balance right now, and in trying to keep my content from suffering, I must allocate less time to other things. That said, thank you for reading!