End of the year blog

Welcome back everyone to the final blog of 2015! It has been a very interesting year and today's blog is dedicated to taking a look back at this year and looking forward to the new year. It has been a very interesting ride so let's get started.

A look back

2015 has been a ride. If there's one word I would use to describe this year for me, it would be development. I've grown a lot as a person and an artist this year. My growth has not been an easy ride, in fact it has been filled with a lot of torment, struggling with and trying to overcome my own insecurities, deciding how I want to accomplish my goals and sacrifice. There's been a lot of sacrifice this year and there will be a lot more going forward.

This may sound intense and it was, but going through all of this has allowed me to grow into a more fully actualized person. Out of all of this adversity came the determination to create content and recreate myself. I spent the earlier part of this year remaking my website and making the my first short film in almost half a decade. Than, I participated in film festivals for the first time ever, getting my name out there and meeting wonderful people along the way. I created a web-series based off of a comic idea I've been producing for 2 years, and this web-series- while small has launched me into a YouTube partnership with channel Frederator. On top of all of that, I've also made dozens of illustrations accumulating to over about 150 illustrations over the past 3 years.

 Probably my favorite illustration from this year.

Probably my favorite illustration from this year.

I have also gone through a lot of personal growth. I've learned how to value and respect myself. I've learned that I shouldn't let people's opinions control my life and that I should be ready to take risks about the things I'm passionate about. I've also taken steps to increase my quality of life, shedding a ton of baggage from my past and moving forward with a reinvigorated sense of curiosity and wonder.

While I have struggled a lot this year, I can say with certainty it has been one of the most important years in my life, perhaps even the most important. In all of this struggling and growth I've gained a lot of momentum and even more passion for my craft. It has been a little over two years since I've deciding on pursuing life as an independent artist. While I'm not where I predicted j would be, I have learned and grown so much in this time.

Here and now

At the moment, I'm pretty exhausted. I'm working on several large projects at the moment in addition to working a freelance job while trying to maintain something of a social life. It's a bit stressful, but it shouldn't last much longer. I've also tried my best to avoid situations like this, but I was presented with a unique opportunity that I felt I needed to pursue. Everything should be going normal for me after this specific project is completed.

You'll hear about this project soon. It's a lot different that what you've seen from me, and I had to go out of my comfort zone to work on it. It is also by far the most difficult project I've had to deal with. Every project has its unique difficulties, but this one is has been a challenge at every single point of production so far. It has been very difficult to make progress with this project, but I've recently made some good progress with it. I'm sure the lessons I've learned here will manifest in future projects as well. I'm very excited to show you all the final piece when it's done.

A look forward 

A lot has happened since I've started putting out my artwork the past few years. I've also just recently passed the 1,000 views mark and have more than 50 subscribers. Yes the numbers are small, but everybody starts from somewhere, especially when I've had to remake YouTube pages twice now. With that said, there's a lot more growth coming. That I can assure you.

A few weeks ago, I announced I was going to begin releasing mini animations next year. These animations are still coming and I think they're going to be a fun watch for people. I also have about 8 animations planned next year. These are all going to be of varying levels of complexity, but I'm hoping they'll all be entertaining to you.

        They're coming

       They're coming

Next year I am also planning to launch another YouTube channel called that will deal with behind the scenes stuff and other things like vlogs, drawings and tutorials. I'm excited a great deal about this channel because it will allow me an avenue to help those with things I've struggled with and to speak to my audience on a more personal level. There is a lot of potential with this second channel and I'm planning for it to have a whole breadth of content.

I have some more structural changes planned to help maximize the growth of my channel and social networks. As of this writing some things have begun to change. Namely, I've made my avatar and social network banners consistent across channels and have done some tweaking to match the design of my website. I have also linked my videos from my YouTube to my website instead of using my Vimeo account. These little changes are just the beginning and there's some more small, but important changes on the horizon. These little tweaks are all part of my dreamspace 3.0 design. The core aesthetics of the website won't change, but I will begin to focus more on cohesion, branding and things in relation to those topics.

 New Youtube thumbnail designs

New Youtube thumbnail designs

I also hope to begin to start collaborations with other artists. This is important because it will alleviate the workload stress for me and lead to more content in the future. Of course other things like cross promotion and networking play a part, but my primary focus next year is content. Content is king and I am hard at work trying to bring animated content to my channel, website and festivals. The truth is, I have never hustled so hard.

Final words

This year has been crazy. I think of all of the projects I had planned from last year that have been put on the back-burner, all of the work I was able to release, my personal growth and failings and it just forces me to take a moment to absorb it all. This year has been an emotional roller coaster and a very pivotal point in my life. It was a wake up call for me to get my act together and start being more decisive about my life. I am so very thankful to those who have stuck by me and supported me since the very beginning and I hope to bring you some great content next year! I also hope that you, my supporters have the very best happen to you. I don't say it enough but you guys are amazing, truly.

Thank you.