We're Back!

Hey everybody, sorry for missing the last update. I don't get sick too often but when I do I tend to be out of commission for a while. Anyway, this week's update is going to be short and sweet.

General projects overview

Ok, so in the past few weeks I've gotten a ton of work done on all of my projects. I'm really excited with how things are progressing and I haven't hit too many hurdles since the last blog entry. The thing about doing all this work is that it takes a long time to see the end results. I understand that in this era of constant stimulation it can be hard to be patient, but I think in the end, it will be worth it for my viewers. Anyway, rambling aside here's what's up with my content.

My short film, 'Quiet' is progressing along smoothly. I might have to push it a bit further back to compensate for revising stuff earlier, but it's still on track to premiere in the spring. I will do a formal post about the short film sometime in March, so  please look forward to it. It's a simple film that I wanted to create to get me back into animating and I wanted the story to be small and fun.  That said, I've started animating it and I'm very happy with how it's turning out. Since I'm using TVPaint, the storyboards double as animatic and final animation. It's super convenient because I don't like storyboarding at all and the program allows me to do everything quickly and efficiently. It's really amazing actually. Being able to take my storyboards right into animation in the same program frees me up to focus more actually making the animation work. I've also decided to tackle the sound design process as I'm animating so I won't have any further delays in short. Basically my pipeline has streamlined the creation of this film to an incredible degree. This may not seem that crazy to you now, but it will be very, very important for future films.


The Incredible TVPaint.


Next is the Social Network art. Right now is Fan art February and you can view all the images in my gallery. I'm constantly changing and altering my art to find out what people like the most and it's a roller coaster ride of emotions. I'm also going to set up more contests and stuff soon to get more engagement. I'll also start introducing more of my IP into the mix to ground people to my own original characters. It will be an interesting shift as I continue my transition from a generic illustrator to a more IP driven model.

Next on the list is probably my most exciting bit of news. Recently I've carved out some general phases of my business for the next two years (at the least). This may sound crazy now, but if I'm to continue doing this art thing I have to be as careful and well planned as possible- always having a constant stream of content. These phases contain the continued evolution of this website, animation projects, flow of merchandise and so on. It's really exciting because the more I work on the planning now, the less likely I have any surprises to hold me back. It also means that I will stay committed to the cause.

KDS 3.0

Now for the main course. The continued growth, preservation and evolution of this website is the most important factor in all of my work. This website is the corner stone of all of my plans and while it's hard to see right now with such a plain looking site, I assure you that as time goes on you'll start seeing my plan come to fruition. I'm trying to craft as best I can a cohesive user experience on this website that really delivers to people who are fans of my work while also bringing new faces.

Development of the new version of the website is coming along very nicely. I don't want to give away too much at the moment because the launch will coincide with the premier of my short film.  That said here are some juicy bits the whet your appetite:

  • KDS 3.0 is a complete redesign and re-imagining of the website. I want to change what the website is and what it means to people. I have very ambitious plans for this. So much so I've split the roll out of the website into phases so I can constantly maintain the quality.
  • I am in the process of designing a new logo, specifically for this website. I want this logo to impresses upon visitors a very specific feeling that will draw you into my work. I am also being more thoughtful of each page and design and am designing it in a way that makes viewing it a pleasure. The designs are modular and I'll be able to swap assets with ease- allowing the website to be future proof as well.
  • The website will also launch with more standardized graphics.  This is more of a tonality thing, but I think these little touches will be appreciated by the end user.
  • Website exclusive content. Starting with the short film 'Quiet', I will begin to have content exclusively for viewing on the website. As time goes on there will be more killer apps and eventually, large library of excellent content. There will still be content on other websites, but to get the full experience of what I offer, you'll have to visit here.

That's all for now

Here's some doodles of myself that will star in the short film 'Quiet'. See you next time!



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