Short and sweet

Good evening everyone! This is going to be a super short blog because I'm knee deep in a lot of work. Don't worry, in a few more weeks I'll write some nice and meaty blogs about the work I'm doing, but what's most important now is that I actually get it all done.

Goodbye and new beginnings

So my temp job for the winter is over. If you don't know, I temp at my old college, SVA bi-annually. The winter job has come to an end and I always love seeing my SVA friends, but I have a lot of work to do so I haven't really had the chance to take it all in. Anyway, now that the job is over, I have a lot more free time to do work. I'm finishing up the April art and I really like how I'm exploring a lineless art style.


       A drawing of a fox, done in a new lineless, texture heavy style

Second, my short film is progressing. I was fearful (and still am a bit) that I won't finish it by my deadline, but I finished key framing 40 seconds of a 2.5-3 minute film. So I'm feeling a little bit better about that. As I said there will be a full blowout of the film soon so keep your head up.

Also the website redesign is going great too. Last week I finished the new logo. I'll make a blog or two talking about the process of redesigning the website. Anyway, all that's left to do is to start making the assets and to test the layouts on Squarespace to see if they work the way I planned them to. Also the new Dreamspace will be updated in phases throughout the next year or two. A lot is hinging on my website so I want to make sure I get it right and create a memorable experience for visitors.

Lastly, since it's March, the art of the month is out! There's a some cool stuff to see and it's really refreshing since February more or less had one theme going (Fanart February).

Also, some doodles:


          The creepy face on the lower right is my fave.

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