Building KDS-The Logo I


Hello everybody. It's been a good month so far. I've been resting up since I've been sick for pretty much all of May, but now I feel great and am ready to start getting back into the swing of things. Also, I do want to plug my short film 'Quiet', if you haven't seen it yet, check it out! It's doing pretty good online right now and is bringing me consistent traffic. I've entered into a bunch of film festivals over the past month as well so I will keep you updated on the competitions the short film gets accepted in. Lastly, please share it! I can't express how important it is and how good it feels when someone shares something you did and think it's awesome, so please spread the <3!


Now that the warm welcomes are over let's get to the real meat of this blog. If you have just started reading or discovered my website you may not be aware, but for those who keep up regularly, I have been talking about making my short film 'Quiet' for most of the year. I think it was justified though- it being my first solo film in about 5 years and my first major digital animation; however, it was not the only thing I had been working on.

The other important project I was tackling was the redesign of this website. This redesign is probably more important and has more implications to my future than my film, so I want to give some time talking about making this website. To preface, I will have a series of blogs over the next few weeks dedicated to illuminating the thought process behind recreating and re-branding this website. I will also be splitting them into different parts if it's necessary.

The first couple of parts will talk about transforming and recreating the logo for this website. I really enjoyed making the logo, so I will try to be as descriptive as possible about my process in these blogs, describing what motivated me into making the logo the way it is now. Specifically this post will delve more into the mental aspect of how I tried to design this logo. In other words, I want to talk a little bit about logo 'Theory'.


When it comes to branding and marketing, logos are very important. In fact they may be one of the most important faucets of your business. Logos sum up your core business and relay it to your audience in an easily digestible fashion. Essentially, when you see a good logo, you know very quickly what the company, group or individuals message that they want to get across is. Here are so examples of some good logos.

The FedEx logo is famous for the arrow between the 'E' and the 'x'.



Notice the arrow from A to Z creates a smile on the Amazon logo. Simple and very memorable.



The Instagram logo is heavy on Skeumorphism, but it works due to the emphasis of traditional filters that mimic classic photographs


Great logo’s usually are future proof as well. You can look at a good logo and it’ll still work decades later. Logos like these  come once in a blue, but when you see them, you'll never forget who they belong to. Of course, there's no way of knowing what the life time of a logo is, but most great logos are simple, memorable, work in color and greyscale, work in any resolution and of course, sum up the core business of the company/ business person. When making a logo you want to keep those things in mind. If  you're stuck on a specific design issue of the logo, it's very important to ask yourself if it is too complicated, does it meet these kind of criteria, and so on.


Nike Logo


Coca-Cola Logo

When developing my logo. I used all of these principles. It's also very important to be aware of what makes a good logo in my situation because I had developed it myself. I try to have a high standard of quality, especially if I'm dipping into artistic areas that are not my expertise, so I think it's very important to respect the methods of creation for a logo, because the road has been established to such a detailed degree. While it's important when to learn the rules, like everything else, you want to master or at least understand the fundamentals before you start pulling a Picasso.

This concludes the first write up of making the logo. Do keep in mind, I'm not a master graphic designer or anything, just a guy who has some experience making some logos and I want to share the knowledge I have to those so they can feel empowered to make their own logos if they feel it's necessary. It's possible to make a nice logo for yourself without having to break the bank or hire somebody (if you're artistically inclined), and I find having the knowledge to make measured decisions on where to apply your time and money to be an invaluable asset. For example, since I'm satisfied with my logo and redesign, I probably saved myself hundred or even thousands of dollars on branding.

Some will say that cutting corners can lead to poorer quality, or I should have just let a professional handle it; however, I'm confident enough in my abilities that I believed I would be able to pull off the logo the way I wanted. With that said, I will see you guys in part 2 of making the ‘Kyle’s Dreamspace ‘logo.

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