H2BS launch

How to be successful at: launching a web series

Happy Monday to all! Let's get started. First things first, the How to be successful: webseries launches tomorrow! It will be available on my website at 9:00pm. I worked very hard on it and had a blast creating it this past summer so I hope you enjoy watching it. 

You can read more about the series here

You will be able to watch all the episodes (when available) and all future series under the new 'series' option in the animation tab that is on the header. Yup, there will be a whole new section of Kyle's dream space that you can explore. That also means that yes, more series are planned for the future, but that's neither here nor there so let's continue. New episodes will premiere on the front page at launch and will be posted under the series section as well. Once something new premieres you'll still be able to find the content in the series section.

I also want to reiterate that the 'How to be successful' cartoons will be available on my website, Vimeo and YouTube, but the shorts will premiere first on my website. Here are the dates of the episode premieres in case you didn't see it before:

Kyle's Dreamspace premiere

  • Episode 1- Tuesday, September 22 @ 9:00pm 
  • Halloween Special- Tuesday, October 20 @ 9:00pm
  • Episode 2- Tuesday, November 17 @ 9:00pm
  • Episode 3- Tuesday, December 8 @ 9:00pm

Youtube and Vimeo premiere

  • Episode 1- Thursday, October 1 @ 7:00pm
  • Halloween Special- Thursday, October 29 @ 7:00pm
  • Episode 2- Wednesday, November 25 @ 7:00pm
  • Episode 3- Thursday, December 17 @ 7:00pm

I look forward to you watching the series anywhere you feel comfortable. No matter where you watch please let your friends know about it!

End of an era

With the coming of the new 'How to be successful' webseries, now is probably the best time to mention that the comics will go on hiatus this year. I would like to have my time focused on one medium when it comes to ip's when possible. I think the added focus will lead to stronger content. With all of that said, this doesn't mean the comics are canceled. There will probably still be comics every once in a while, but they won't be put on a regular schedule as they have been. I will still make art in this style when I can.

The bonus of having the 'How to be successful' comic series go on hiatus is that I am free to make other comics and content, like the web series. This will also give me the time and opportunity to grow as an artist. I hope those upset can understand and find the same joy they had in the comic in the web series.

Some more changes

I will be making another YouTube channel for behind the scenes stuff, how to videos, Vlogs and other stuff. No date for that yet but should be up within the next few months. I'm doing this because I know there's a lot of people who are interested in the behind the scenes stuff, and getting to know the artist. I want to separate my animated content from my person, and wip content as well to avoid confusion. I don't have a date for this yet, but it will be in the next few months.

Thanks for reading!