Hello my Reese's Pieces, another week, another blog. Today's blog is going to be a little on the short side, since I'm finishing up some stuff. I'm hoping to make the next blog a bit meatier but we'll see. It's been a very busy 2016 for me so far.

A new phase

So, if you have visited my website within the past week or so, you probably realized a couple of little changes. You're eyes aren't fooling you, I have made a couple of changes to the website. Perhaps the most important change is the actual name of the site. No longer is it "". Beginning this month I have begun to use my new domain "".

Let's take a couple of steps back first. When I originally came up with "",  it wasn't in relation to what I wanted the domain of my website to be. The original intention for the name was for my Youtube channel. Before I made my website, I more or less assumed I'd be able to use my own name. I mean, there aren't really many note worthy Kyle Samuels' out there are there? Turns out, no there aren't but that didn't stop someone from buying the domain name, probably with the hope they could sell it at a high price later. Boo on whoever that guy is, but I digress. I couldn't use the domain I wanted before because it was taken, so I worked with the idea I had in my head already.

In recent times, I began to realize that the name for the website, while I think it's an accurate portrayal of what I want my website to be, suffers from a disconnect. No one can really remember "", but I think people can remember "Kyle Samuels". Understanding this, I pretty much was caught in a frenzy to recreate and shift my branding to match this change. If you follow me on my social media venues, you can see these changes there too. I've changed the logo for my website, I've changed the thumbnails for my youtube videos and so on. Making all of these changes will benefit me through the growth of my name and it's association with high quality/ original animation. There will also be added benefits like better search engine results and things of that nature. That said, some of these changes are still in a bit of flux. I have to update and finalize a lot of my iconography, but my name is here to stay.

The new domain name is the perfect compromise for me. I did like the name kylesdreamspace, but I understand that it wasn't the smartest move for me brand wise. Having allows me to use my name, but to also channel the core message of what was, which is a place for me, my thoughts and my artwork. This change may have been one of the more pivotal points for myself and my identity as an artist so I hope you guys can understand my excitement!


-this may be one of my favorite points for me in the year. I hope you guys share my excitement!