Hello everyone. This will be a short blog this week so let's get started!

Kyle + Time=

There comes a point in every artist's life where they have to sum up their skills in a very brief time so that they can entice people to invest their time or money into said artist. For me, that time is now. That sounds a little dramatic actually- let's take a step back.

When I first started putting out animation for YouTube last year I joined the Frederator network. Once I joined I was given a lot of information on how to my audience. From thumbnails to timing and so on. Eventually thought you actually need content to show people to build your audience, so that's what I focused on making in the year since joining the network. Since that point I've made about 10 short films, polished up my branding and really locked down this aspect of my life as best I can. Now that I have enough content, I can sit back and ponder some important questions. Stuff like: why do I do what I do, is this something I love doing and so on.

Now, I can't only just think about these things, I have to actually show you and anybody else who may be skeptical of me that they shouldn't be. To achieve this I made a short trailer for my channel which I think highlights my strengths and purpose as an artist. Please have a look.

"Do you love animation, cartoons or cute characters? I do, so I make original short animated stories featuring cute and charming characters with the purpose to brighten up your day a little. New film every month."

These words and the accompanying video describe my goals as an artist as succinctly as possible. I want to bring a little joy into the lives of the people who watch my films and I think my channel is finally starting to mature in a way where that is starting to become a reality.

Finally, is like to thank those who continue to believe in me and encourage me to keep publishing my own content. You are the fuel to my fire and without your presence, I couldn't imagine where I would be right now. Thank you.