You may have noticed...

We're live

Welcome back everyone. I'm gonna get right into it this week because there's a lot to talk about. First off, you may have noticed some changes in the website. Your eyes do not deceive you. I've trimmed lot of fat, re-arranged and cut a lot of parts of the website in an attempt to streamline what I want to show people who may wander here. The most obvious if these cuts are the removal of the comics and illustration pages. For years I've been putting drawings, illustrations and comics out into the world- you may have even became interested in me as an artist because of these pictures. I will be discontinuing illustrations and comics for the foreseeable future due to time constraints and more prioritization of animation. I have a great deal of memories relating to these images, but when it came to building an audience, I believe regular artwork (encompassing doodles, comics and illustrations) did not pull the weight I had planned on.

Doing all of that art was a massive undertaking and a huge strain on my mind and body. It was also to much to juggle when animation was involved. This is not to say I won't ever do these things again, but they will not be the focus. If you follow me on social media you may have seen this transition but I'm formalizing it now in my website. Another reason for the cut is that very soon I plan to get a full time job doing something art related (hopefully) and I simply won't have time to focus on animation and unique comics or illustrations at once. I have some larger projects planned that incorporate comics or illustrations, but they're very long term ones they won't be out for a long time.

To blog or not to blog

Another big change coming to the website is an expansion of things I will talk about in my blog. I've narrowed the categories to 3 now: art & animation, life, and criticism. I've wanted to talk about a more broad range of topics for a while now, but wasn't really clear on the direction I wanted to go. I also felt that the blogs were starting to feel to generic and predictable and while I'm very passionate about animation, I'm also passionate about other stuff. Writing these blogs is the perfect way to express my opinions and I figure since I already have a platform, I might as well use it to its fullest capacity. This means that there will be a wider variety of content. Yes I will definitely do my usual kinds of posts, but I'm also adding some spice into the mix.

On social media

The website is not the only thing that is being changed. I said earlier that if you follow me on social media you may have noticed I re-post old art, post video promos of past and future films and post old comics. This is all very intentional, but there will be some more changes. Right now, YouTube will be my lead platform which means a focus on video and animation. Twitter and Instagram will follow and continue to be very important platforms for me. Following them will be Facebook, Vine and Tumblr. Facebook isn't too important yet, but as I grow there is potential if it becoming more vital to me. Tumblr is my weakest link, but I will continue to update it sparsely with promo videos and video links of my short films (there are a lot of great animation blogs that promote my work and is pretty much what is keeping meet on the platform).

I will not be updating my Deviantart going forward. As passionate as the art community is there, I find that my illustrations were more popular in that website and it's really a pain to upload and promote work on the site. I mean, it is actually awful and a lot of the time I had to make unique assets just so I could upload a picture on Deviantart and get 2 views. Yeah, at this point it's not worth the time investment and after looking to see the crossover between my YouTube and Deviantart, it made me realize that it absolutely was not worth it. Maybe if I could ended videos in Deviantart from YouTube I'll reconsider, but for now, Deviantart it's it if there picture for me. If you prefer to follow me on there, I apologize and hopefully you consider following me on YouTube or the other social networks.

That's all folks

While there are still a lot more smaller changes happening behind the scenes, what I wrote about earlier is the stuff that will have changed now or in the near future. I just wanted to take some time out to update you guys on my new direction which will hopefully bear more interesting fruit. I'm always trying to improve as a person and artist, so I am hoping that the changes I make can lead to better results. The future looks exciting and I hope you continue to join me!