On Vacation


Hey everybody, you know who here. This is gonna be a tiny blog. I'm pretty much on my "vacation" right now and have enjoyed relaxing after a very, very long time of not doing that. Unfortunately I haven't gone anywhere and am pretty much just staying home, but it's not all sleep and dreams. I'm also beginning to work on my 2017 projects now! I figure it would be the wise thing to get a leg up on my content while I am able to because I would imagine the latter part of this year will not be kind to my free time. I've got pretty much all the content I want for next year planned out and I am slowly chipping away at it. I'll talk more about it in a few weeks though as I don't want to give away too much now.

Animation Stuff

So if you follow me anywhere you may have come across a barrage of posts by yours truly because something very special happened in the past week. Two- count them, TWO films I made came out. A while back I was commissioned to make a music video for "KA". A very talented, Brooklyn based rapper. I managed a small team of very talented animators and they helped me complete a very nice music video called "JUST" that you can watch here:

Also, there was a short, but very nice article written about the video and you can read that:


But that's not all! I also released a new animation called "In Space" that you can watch:

Out of all of the films I've made, this is my favorite. All of that being said, I hope you enjoy the films because a lot of work and love went into making them! It's also a very rare occurrence to have to 2 films I made shown in the same month, so if you're a fan of my content, there's a lot to see of it!

I'll see you next time~