Who am I

My name is Kyle Samuels. I'm an animator from New York City. I graduated in 2012 with a BFA in Traditional Animation at the School of Visual Arts.

I have been a content producer and freelancer animator since 2012.

What I do

I animate: Traditional hand drawn animation and Motion Graphics animation.

I make short films: Charming characters, fluid animation, tight production, and memorable stories developed in unison.


My clients

Kaseem Ryan, Emily Van Do, Catalysta Networks, School of Visual Arts, Nicholas Molinari, Homer Learning, Ideas & Stuff, MTV.

My reel

My Resume


Q: Hey I love your work, want to collaborate on a project?

A: I will be opening up in a limited way to remote freelance opportunities in the fall. Feel free to shoot me an email and we can talk more in depth.

Q: I want to hire you. What's your rate?

A: Depends on the project. Email for specifics.

Q: What do you use to make your videos?

A: I use many programs. Here's the list: Photoshop for conceptual art, TV Paint for story boarding, Toonboom for animation, After Effects for compositing and Pro Tools + Soundminer for audio.

Q: I just want to say hi!

A: Hi! Feel free to send me an email or a message on social media. I read everything and try to respond!

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