Who am I

My name is Kyle Samuels. I'm an animator from New York City. I graduated in 2012 with a BFA in Traditional Animation at the School of Visual Arts.

I have been a content producer and freelancer animator since 2012.

I am focused, goal oriented, business and tech savvy.

What do I do

I animate: Traditional hand drawn animation (think Disney style) and Motion Graphics animation (think swanky text or title graphics).

I make short films: I have a pipeline that allows me to efficiently produce short films, from the basic drafts all the way to the sound and post production. My hand is in every single part of production.

Original content: I create unique characters with striking colors and personalities, stories and everything in between.

My clients

Kaseem Ryan, Emily Van Do, Catalysta Networks, School of Visual Arts, Nicholas Molinari, Homer Learning, Ideas & Stuff, MTV

My reel