Whole new everything



Hello new and returning readers! Welcome to my newly designed website. It's been quite a while since I've written a blog, but i'm back and here to stay. Seeing as how some things have changed both in my life and on the website, I will spend this blog detailing what you can expect from this website, the changes i've made and why I've made them. Let's get started.


Here's what you can expect from this website:

  • Semi-regularly updated blogs keeping you in the loop about my projects

  • New products in my store (eventually)

  • Links to other works I've made, and my reels

Does this sound reasonable? Yeah? Good. I think so too. The last rendition of my website was bloated and at times a bit of a mess. I wanted to do this redesign to strip away all of the excess and focus down on what I want the purpose of this site to be. So what is that purpose? Simple. To give people and fans of my artwork a place to read more about my thoughts and to sell you things (at least, eventually).

Over the years I've realized that I can be very non-committal with releasing art, blogs and any updates about my life and that non-commitment increases when I have to maintain things like updating my website with my YouTube videos or whatnot. My thinking is, there's enough video streaming platforms these days, so I want my website to give you something you can't get on those platforms. Which, as stated previously are more detailed thoughts of mine and stuff you can buy. So by leaving my videos on other platforms and keeping the website's focus to a couple of things, I make the updating process far simpler and enjoyable for me, which will lead to more quality content in the long run.

The new site was also developed to keep more in line with my "Frame of Mind" series. I truly believe that growth as an artist and person is tied with the development of this web-series. So with that level of confidence, why not take design cues from the series and use it to rebrand my website as well? I'm a fan of consistency and I think this is best for my personal brand.

Wrap up

The last thing I'd like to go over briefly is my about page. While it's mostly the same as it was before, I do want to go over that while I am open to freelance jobs, it won't be a big focus for me going forward. I am going to be a lot more picky about the kinds of jobs I let into my life because the average freelance projects wears on me way more than it is actually worth. Dealing with clients, deadlines and juggling all the rest of what life is throwing at me has prove to be very difficult.

So there it is. I hope the changes make sense. I think simplifying my website, where I upload my art and my life is what's needed to bring higher quality and (hopefully) regular updates. I've come to learn over the years what makes me unique and I think the website refresh and "Frame of Mind" will do a good job on illustrating that for everyone. I feel reinvigorated and full of purpose and am excited to bring content that is uniquely me and imbued with all that I am to the world.